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Consultation on Leadership in Schools up to the Secondary/High School Level​

           a. Assessment of Policies and Systems

           b. Recommendations to Address Identified Gaps

           c. Monitoring of the Implementation of Recommended Policies and Systems


Mentoring of School Leaders


Professional Development Workshops for Teachers

           a. Classroom Management

           b. Teacher Supervision

           c. Change Management

           d. Team Building

           e. Emotional Intelligence 

           f. Learning with Brain in Mind

           g. Teaching Students Affected by Poverty

Seminar for Students on:

           a. Developing Study Skills

           b. Preparation for External Examinations

           c. Being a Balanced and Emotionally Healthy Individual

Motivational Presentations on:

           a. Developing a Wholesome Family Life

           b. Parenting in the 21st Century

           c. Operating in the World with a Christian Worldview

           d. Overcoming in Spite of Personal Tragedy (My Story)

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