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"In order for effective learning to take place, teachers must be trained so that they are competent in their field and at the same time able to guide their students in their educational development"

Esther Tyson

My Goal As An Educator

I am a passionate  educator who is convinced that  a  positive future for Jamaica can only be realized as we educate our children to believe that they have the ability to achieve their God-given potential. I believe that as a post-colonial society we are still burdened with the mindset  that our people are "less than." We still operate within the margin of the " the other." Our educators need to see themselves as powerful life changers who can inspire our children to believe in themselves and in their ability to change their story. Therefore it is not just technical competence that our educators need but they also need to have a growth mindset, with all of what that means for our Jamaican and Caribbean societies.

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